Cato Manor & Apartheid Town Planning (2/21/2018) - Recently we spoke about the role that music played in telling the story of apartheid, and helping to raise awareness around what was happening in the country at the time. KwaZulu-Natal guitar wonder, Madala Kunene, is another artist that has used music as both a political and cathartic instrument. The title of his 2015 album, Continue Reading
Free Nelson Mandela protest, Berlin, September 1986 The Story of the Struggle (2/9/2018) - Last week we wrote about legendary musical giant, Hugh Masekela, and the role that his music played in South Africa's liberation struggle. In fact there are countless musicians who lent their voice to the fight for equality during the dark years of apartheid in South Africa. Packed with emotion, their words served to raise awareness Continue Reading
Picket by ANC and anti-apartheid supporters outside South Africa House protesting the death of Joseph Mdluli, 9th April 1976 Joseph Mdluli & the Fisher Street Security Branch (2/6/2018) - The horrific tale of Joseph Mdluli and the Fisher Street Security Branch is an example the power of the judiciary system, and the essential role that the courts play in upholding the law of the land. A member of the ANC, until its banning in 1960, and an MK operative, Joseph Mdluli was taken from his home on the Continue Reading
Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba and Paul Simon Voice of the People (2/2/2018) - Revolutions are not led by politicians, they are the result of the man and woman in the street standing up, and saying "no more!". While the arts are seldom given the respect they deserve in society, often it is musicians who give a voice to the public, allowing their message to be heard the world over. Continue Reading
Umzila Womzabalazo eThekwini (1/18/2018) - Udaba olwashicilelwa kwi-Daily News UMasipala waseThekwini usuhambe ibanga elide ekwakheni “umzila womzabalazo” eThekwini okuhloswe ngawo ukuhlonipha abantu nezindawo kuleli dolobha ezaba neqhaza ekuzuzweni kombuso wentando yabantu. Le phrojekthi iyingxenye yohlelo lukazwelonke oluqalwe nguMkhandlu Wamagugu kaZwelonke eNingizimu Afrika yokuqhakambisa lezi ndawo emphakathini kanjalo namaqhawe omzabalazo wenkululeko nentando yabantu eNingizimu Afrika. Kwethulwe izindawo ezingamashumi amathathu eThekwini ezizokuba Continue Reading
Kay Moonsamy during his visit to Red Square, 13th June 2016 Kesval ‘Kay’ Moonsamy (5 July 1926-21 June 2017) (6/28/2017) - Last week the country lost another of its great stalwarts of democracy with the passing of Kesval Moonsamy. Popularly known as 'Kay', Moonsamy was a member of a number of political organisations, becoming a trade union member at a very young age. Having started work at Rhodesian Timbers Limited when he was just 14 years Continue Reading
The Two Berthas (6/22/2017) - While the large majority of the people viewed as heroes of the anti-apartheid movement are men, women too played a very significant role in the fight for democracy in South Africa. While for some that role was in the form of supportive mothers and wives, who made it possible for men to leave their families Continue Reading
Students protest in Soweto against the introduction of Afrikaans in schools On This Day….. (6/16/2017) - The 16th of June 1976 is commemorated in South Africa as Youth Day, in remembrance of the countless children who lost their lives during the Soweto Youth Uprising. To read the list of the names of children killed during the 1976 student protests is beyond heartbreaking - unarmed students gunned down by police for trying to Continue Reading
Ismail Meer & Monty Naicker with Chief Luthuli and his daughters, Grey Street, late 1950s Ranjith Kally (1925-6 June 2017) (6/7/2017) -   You may not know the name Ranjith Kally, but you will definitely be familiar with his work, and there's no doubt that the names of the countless political personalities that Kally photographed will ring a bell. Kally, who worked for some thirty years as a photojournalist for Drum Magazine and its sister publication, Golden City Post, was responsible for Continue Reading
Have You Heard From Johannesburg? (5/25/2017) - The evils of apartheid, and the pervasiveness of the system, meant that it was a war that required a multi-pronged attack. While the ANC, and other opposition parties, first began their fight with passive resistance, their came a point when a change of tack was required. The work of Umkhonto we Sizwe is relatively well known, Continue Reading