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The Robben Island Bible

The 'Robben Island Bible'

The wonderful thing about history is that it provides the most fascinating stories – factual tales that are often more interesting and convoluted than the best spy novels! Himalaya House, still standing today at 165 Julius Nyerere Avenue, is where we begin today’s story, for it was here, in Durban’s first high-rise apartment block, that a number […]

The Bhambatha Rebellion

Bhambatha kaMancinza at a wedding ceremony in 1905

Last week we wrote about the old Durban Central Prison boundary wall, and this week’s our focus is on another wall and another prison. Located at Addington Beach on the Point is a Prisoner of War wall that was built by men captured during the Bhambatha Rebellion of 1906. In the years following the Anglo-Boer War employers in Natal had a difficult […]

Remembering the Past


Anyone who’s grown up in Durban will be very familiar with the mural that’s painted on a free-standing wall on the outskirts of the city’s CBD. What many people won’t realise though, is the significance of this wall, which once painted with bright colours, now stands a little dilapidated, having been exposed to the elements for […]