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Christmas Day on Robben Island

Inmates playing soccer on Robben Island

Three years ago this Christmas the movie, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom had its international premier. In an interview with Huffington Post at the time, Saths Cooper reflected on the years that he spent on Robben Island with Mandela, and specifically how they spent the holiday season. Cooper, a member of the Black Consciousness Movement and former resident […]

The Gallows Exhumation Project

Exhumation of the 14 political prisoners hung in 1964, Rebecca Cemetery, Pretoria

Family members of fourteen political prisoners executed under the apartheid regime will finally have somewhere to visit their loved ones after their bodies were exhumed on Wednesday as part of the country’s Gallows Exhumation Project, led by the Missing Person’s Task Team. The men, who were hung in Pretoria in July 1964, were members of the armed wing of the Pan African […]

Day of Reconciliation

Chris Hani inspects MK soldiers at a rally held at Langa Stadium, Cape Town,1991

Next Friday, on the 16th December, South Africa celebrates the Day of Reconciliation. But while the public holiday in its current form has only been in existence since 1995, the 16th December has been commemorated in South Africa since 1910, when it was originally referred to as Dingaan’s Day. It was on this day that 470 Voortrekkers, […]

The Robben Island Bible

The 'Robben Island Bible'

The wonderful thing about history is that it provides the most fascinating stories – factual tales that are often more interesting and convoluted than the best spy novels! Himalaya House, still standing today at 165 Julius Nyerere Avenue, is where we begin today’s story, for it was here, in Durban’s first high-rise apartment block, that a number […]