Paul Joseph and his comrades released from prison following the 1960 Sharpeville massacre Slumboy from the Golden City- If you happen to find yourself in Johannesburg this weekend, then try and find the time to make your way down to the Apartheid Museum. While this world class… Continue Reading
The Newtown Post Office, the original offices of MPW The Market Photo Workshop- It's all about the art this week! A few days ago we wrote about Cape Town based-artist, Kemang Wa Lehulere, and his focus on historical perspectives, and today we look… Continue Reading
History will Break your Heart- Studying history at school we tend to think of the facts that we learn as absolute, but as an adult, especially as someone who has grown up in South… Continue Reading
Paddy Kearney Gerald Patrick Kearney: 28th August 1942-23rd November 2018- This past year we have celebrated the lives of some of our country's greatest leaders, and we end off the year commemorating the life of yet another fallen comrade, Paddy… Continue Reading
Dr Alexander Lionel Boraine: 10th January 1931-5th December 2018- One wouldn't imagine that a member of 'the last white parliament' of South Africa would be heralded as a hero of the democratic movement, but anyone who knew Dr… Continue Reading
Today in History- On this day, 26th November 1988, Harry Gwala was unconditionally released into the care and supervision of his daughter, Lulu. Gwala had been serving a life sentence after being… Continue Reading
Proclamation 73- Early next month the Durban Art Gallery will play host to an exhibition of photographs collated as part of Proclamation 73, a newly created archive of family photos of… Continue Reading
The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela- With a handwritten letter these days being something of a rarity, not many of us can appreciate how important written correspondence used to be, or the incredible tale of… Continue Reading
The Lost Art of Letter Writing- This Friday sees the launch of A Life in Letters: Selected Correspondence of Denis Hurley. The book, which consists of 250 letters penned by Archbishop Denis Hurley, took three years to compile with… Continue Reading
Former South African president FW de Klerk handing over the party's submission to Archbishop Desmond Tutu during the National Party's submission before the TRC, Cape Town, 21 August 1996 The TRC Twenty Years On- This week marks twenty years since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) presented its final report. The TRC began formal hearings on the 15th April 1996,  receiving submissions for… Continue Reading