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The 27th April 1994

Last weekend South Africa celebrated Freedom Day, marking the 25th anniversary of the country’s first democratic elections. As we head towards the polls next week to cast our vote in the fifth elections since the fall of apartheid, it seems like a good time to reflect on that historic day. The 27th April 1994 is […]

The Freedom Charter

Human Rights Day, which takes place tomorrow in South Africa, is both a commemoration and a celebration. We commemorate the dozens of people who lost their lives at Sharpeville on the 21st March 1960, and the countless others who died fighting for liberation during apartheid. We celebrate how far we have come as a country […]

Slumboy from the Golden City

Paul Joseph and his comrades released from prison following the 1960 Sharpeville massacre

If you happen to find yourself in Johannesburg this weekend, then try and find the time to make your way down to the Apartheid Museum. While this world class museum is worth a visit in itself, tomorrow they will be hosting the book launch of Paul Joseph’s memoir, Slumboy from the Golden City. As a […]

Proclamation 73


Early next month the Durban Art Gallery will play host to an exhibition of photographs collated as part of Proclamation 73, a newly created archive of family photos of people who were categorised as ‘Coloured’ and ‘Indian’ in terms of the Group Areas Act of 1950. Initially the act applied only to ‘White’, ‘Native’ and […]

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

This Friday sees the launch of A Life in Letters: Selected Correspondence of Denis Hurley. The book, which consists of 250 letters penned by Archbishop Denis Hurley, took three years to compile with Paddy Kearney*, Brother Philippe Denis and Jane Argall making the selection from a massive 5000 letters written by the Archbishop between the ages of 11 and 88. […]

Eric ‘Stalin’ Mtshali: 1931-12th October 2018

Eric Mtshali at the 17th World Trade Union Congress, Durban, 2016

Last Sunday an official funeral was held for the late Eric ‘Stalin’ Mtshali, who passed away at the age of 87 at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital in Durban. Nicknamed ‘Stalin’ for his admiration of the Soviet Union leader, Joseph Stalin, Mtshali was a committed member of the South African Communist Party (SACP), which he joined in 1957. […]

Spaces of Perplexity

Hostel 2

Nearly a quarter of a century after South Africa’s first democratic elections were held, the country still grapples with the legacy of apartheid, whether in the form of relationships between people of different races; the massive economic disparity between the rich and poor; or the physical remnants in the form of town planning. KwaMashu was one […]

Celebrating Our Freedom!

Freedom day 2

With our history of apartheid many public holidays in South Africa are ‘commemorated’ rather than ‘celebrated’, but tomorrow, the 27th April, is a day that all South Africans can truly celebrate as we remember the first democratic elections held on this day, twenty-four years ago. It was a long and treacherous road, but the elections […]

Liberation Heritage Route Seminar

Liberation Heritage Route Seminar Invite-Proof3

Next week Wednesday the Durban Local History Museums will be hosting a seminar on the Liberation Heritage Route, the subject of Amandla. The seminar will take place at the Natural Science Museum Research Centre between 09h00 and 13h00. Please make contact with us should you require any further information or wish to reserve your seat: […]

ICOM Presentation: Navigating Freedom


Bonginkosi Zuma and Steven Kotze from the eThekwini Municipality have written a paper that will be presented at next week’s ICOM conference in Milan.  ‘Navigating Freedom: Social cohesion policies and the democratic cultural landscape of Durban’s Liberation Heritage Route’ explores the National Liberation Heritage Route (LHR), a project of the South African National Heritage Council […]