Standing Side-By-Side

Yesterday saw scores of people queuing at their local voting stations to have their say in the 2016 local government elections. While we wait for the results of these hotly contested elections it’s easy to forget that just over twenty years ago, this vital public role was limited to just a fraction of South Africa’s population. The […]

The Evolution of Durban’s Beaches

While Durban’s beaches aren’t looking their best after the recent floods, the beach front promenade is something that Durbanites can really be proud of. A well looked after, mixed use space where people of all ages, colours and cultures come together to exercise, relax and socialise, it really is a world-class public space, accessible to all. […]

Durban’s Gandhi Memorial

The world over, statues and monuments pay tribute to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known to most as Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma, Sanskrit for ‘Great Soul’ and akin to the Christian term ‘saint’, was the name given to Gandhi for his involvement in civil rights, and the road of nonviolent civil disobedience that Gandhi and his supporters chose to travel. […]

Warwick: Never Gonna Give You Up!

The Liberation Heritage Route maps out areas and buildings in Durban that have special significance in the story of South Africa’s struggle for a democratic nation. Some of the locations are less well known to the public than others, but few are quite as established in the lives of Durbanites as Warwick Triangle and the surrounding […]

Non-Violence: The Weapon of the Strong

As we mark the eighth annual Mandela Day we also commemorate 60 years since the historic 1946 passive resistance march from Grey Street to Umbilo. Under the leadership of Dr Monty Naicker and M.D. Naidoo a crowd fifteen thousand people strong gathered to protest against the Asiatic Land Tenure and Indian Representation Act, commonly referred to as the Ghetto […]