Gandhi Memorial

This memorial commemorates the enduring presence of Mahatma Gandhi in Durban. The historic site was one of two purchased by Gandhi during his stay in the city. Gandhi transferred the properties to the Natal Indian Congress (NIC) in 1896 and 1897, intending that they be used to meet the political objectives of the people. The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Trust was established in 1960 in order to manage the properties and prevent their expropriation by the apartheid government. After 55 years the site was developed into the current memorial, designed both in remembrance of Gandhi and to address the ongoing need for social, economic and political transformation in South African society.
The modest scale of the structure is visually striking, and is intended to be a vital and dynamic space befitting Gandhi’s legacy. While the urban landscape around the site features a harsh, high-rise built environment, this contrasts dramatically with the inner-city sanctuary of the memorial. The tranquil space is for the use of people and communities across the full spectrum of society, from within the city, the rural areas and townships. The Gandhi Memorial was also conceived as a true public amenity, offering a free experience to all citizens by providing an easily accessible facility in a busy part of Durban. It incorporates training opportunities and innovative educational and social action programmes to promote a culture of human rights, social justice and equity.


Address: 95 Dr Goonam St
GPS Points: -29.85286, 31.02419
Site Contact Details: Steven Kotze
Durban Local History Museums
031 311 2239

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