The Spirit of Christmas

Written by political activist, Sylvia Neame, the recently published book, Imprisoned: The Experience of a Prisoner Under Apartheid describes how the spirit of Christmas shone through even in the darkness of the Barberton Prison Complex. Described by some as apartheid's Alcatraz, Barberton was a maximum security prison in the eastern part of what was then [...]

Father Freedom

From 1986 to 1990 the supporters of the City of London Anti-Apartheid Group held a Non-Stock Picket outside the South African Embassy in Trafalgar Square, calling for the release of Nelson Mandela. In solidarity with prisoners, some political activists would spend the festive season protesting against the South African government, refusing to relinquish their posts [...]

Funding the Fight Against Apartheid

We've written previously about the important role that the international community played in the fight against apartheid, ultimately bringing about the economic boycott that brought the apartheid government to its knees. But in addition to raising awareness, some organisations went a step further by raising funds to fight the South African apartheid government. With countless [...]

Swimming Against the Tide

This past Wednesday  legendary cartoonist, Zapiro, joined the ranks of the likes of Susan Sontag, Patti Smith, Steven Spielberg, and our very own Johnny Clegg and William Kentridge, when he was bestowed the award of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French government. The award recognises those individuals who have made significant contributions [...]

Wafela ukuthula

Namhlanje kubalwa iminyaka engamashumi amabili nanhlanu kwabulawa u-Chris Hani, isenzo esaphazamisa izingxoxo ezazibucayi zokudlulisa amandla kuhulumeni wobandlululo eya kuhulumeni wentando yeningi. Kunzima ukukholelwa kulokhu emva kweminyaka eminingi kangaka eseyadlula, kodwa u-Chris Hani wayethandwa kakhulu eNingizimu Afrika. Futhi abaningi babekholelwa ukuthi i-SACP yayingayihlula i-ANC okhethweni uma u-Hani wayesangamholi. Ngaphambi kokuthi aqokelwe isikhundla sokuba nguNobhala Jikelele weSACP [...]

The Transformation of Durban’s Promenade

It's been more than twenty years since the fall of apartheid, and yet there's no denying that large parts of South Africa are still very much divided along racial lines. There are many reasons for this - the legacy of apartheid's spacial planning, slow economic transformation, access to education - the truth is, it's a [...]

Usuku lwenkululeko, i-Satyagraha kanye No. 14 Mercury Lane

UMsombuluko, womhlaka 15 August 2016 uqopha umlando weminyaka engu 69 izwe laseNdiya lathola inkululeko yokuzimela ngaphansi kwengcindezelo yaMaNgisi. Umshikashika owaholela ekuzimeleni kwalelizwe waziwa ngokusebenzisa i-satyagraha, umkhankaso wokungasebenzisi udlame kodwa abantu bangayithobeli imithetho ethile kahulumeni, wawuholwa yinhlangano ye-Indian National Congress, uMongameli wayo wangalesosikhathi kwakungu Mohandas Gandhi. Cishe kwathatha iminyaka eyikhulu ngaphambi kokuthi izwe laseNdiya likwazi ukubuyela [...]

Ronnie & Eleanor: The Young Rebels

There's a famous quote that goes “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing", and listening to Ronnie Kasrils talking about the path that led him to join the anti-apartheid struggle, this saying makes perfect sense. Speaking of the inspiration behind his recently published book, Catching Tadpoles: [...]

Apartheid’s Blood Money

The United Nations (UN) was founded on the 24th October 1945 following World War II, which was marked by an estimated 70 to 85 million fatalities and included the Holocaust, which saw some six million Jewish people - around two-thirds of Europe's Jewish population - murdered because of their ethnicity. On the 10th December 1948 [...]

Things we Lost in the Dark

On a number of occasions we've written about the important role that music, and in particular, protest songs, played in the anti-apartheid struggle. But there's a whole other side to the story that we haven't looked at, and that's what apartheid robbed us of. More than simply entertainment, music as an art form enriches our [...]