Ronnie & Eleanor: The Young Rebels

There’s a famous quote that goes “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing”, and listening to Ronnie Kasrils talking about the path that led him to join the anti-apartheid struggle, this saying makes perfect sense. Speaking of the inspiration behind his recently published book, Catching Tadpoles: […]

Michael Hathorn’s Detention Diary

One of the sites that make up the Durban Liberation Heritage Route is Durban Central Prison, or more specifically one of its boundary walls, as the prison itself was destroyed some years back. Surprisingly though if you look online for images of the prison before it was demolished, you’ll find very few photographs. One of the […]

Inside Apartheid’s Prison

First published in 2001, Inside Apartheid’s Prison by Raymond Suttner, was rereleased at the end of last year. Suttner, an academic, was one of a small number of white South Africans who were imprisoned for their efforts to overthrow the government during apartheid. He was first arrested in 1975, serving eight years for his underground activities […]

Remembering the Past

Anyone who’s grown up in Durban will be very familiar with the mural that’s painted on a free-standing wall on the outskirts of the city’s CBD. What many people won’t realise though, is the significance of this wall, which once painted with bright colours, now stands a little dilapidated, having been exposed to the elements for […]