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Bram Fischer: 23 April 1908-8 May 1975

Bram Fischer is probably one of the better known names of the apartheid struggle, with Commercial Road in Durban having been renamed in his honour, and a number of other important sites across the country also recognising the role that Bram played in our country’s history. But beyond a vague recognition, and perhaps some knowledge […]

Ahmed Kathrada (21 August 1929-28 March 2017)

Ahmed Kathrada and Molvi Yusuf Cachalia, members of the Transvaal Indian Congress, circa 1950

Today South Africa mourns the loss of political activist and struggle hero,¬†Ahmed Mohamed Kathrada. Asked during a recent SAFM interview how he would like to be remembered, Kathrada replied “as someone who tried to make a contribution. We tried”. Looking at the story of this great man, it is clear that Ahmed Kathrada did a […]