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Biko, Turner & the Soweto Uprising

This Sunday we commemorate the anniversary of the Soweto Uprising, which culminated on the 16th June 1976 when hundreds of youth were killed at the hands of the state. It’s widely accepted that the student protests were a response to the government’s intention to introduce Afrikaans as the compulsory medium of instruction in schools, but […]

Remembering Rick Turner

Steve Biko lighting up with Rick Turner (right), Dave Turnbull (centre) and volunteers who were helping restore the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in Phoenix, Durban, 1971

Anyone who has spent time at the University of KwaZulu-Natal will be familiar with the name Rick Turner. There’s the Rick Turner Students’ Union Building, the Rick Turner Scholarship, and part of the university campus lies on Rick Turner Road. But how many people actually know the story of Dr Richard Albert Turner? Born in the Western […]

The South African Students Organisation

Soweto school children protest against Afrikaans in 1976

The political student activity that has been very much a part of the South African landscape for the past year is in some ways reminiscent of protest action seen some forty-plus years ago when members of the National Union of South African Students broke away to form the South African Student Organisation (SASO). Just as […]

Bantu Stephen Biko: 18 December 1946-12 September 1977

Last Friday saw the 2016 annual Steve Biko Memorial Lecture taking place at Unisa in Pretoria, in commemoration of the 39th anniversary of the murder of Bantu Stephen Biko. Biko, born in the Eastern Cape on the 18th December 1946, died on the 12th September 1977 at the age of 31, after weeks of torture at […]